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  1. JBathropson added a topic in World and Locations   

    The Corsair Cave
    Second dungeon created after a 'short' break.
    It's a nice little Corsair Hideout where the Corsairs store their rowboats. Personally, I think it looks quite nice
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  2. JBathropson added a post in a topic Morrowind Recruitment Thread   

    A few months back I was informed of this thread, and I've only just seen it now. I'm quite adept at dungeon design (as seen from my somewhat uncomplete Further Expansion of Dungeons mod on the Nexus - seen here) and would love to lend a hand with this project if needed. 
    Thanks for reading,
    - J
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  3. JBathropson added a post in a topic Roscrean Dungeon Set   

    I really like that! I think I'll use that in some dungeons for Roscrea.
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  4. JBathropson added a post in a topic Quick Questions, Quick Answers [troubleshooting]   

    For now (until something better comes up) we were going to use a retextured Nordic set for some of the dungeons in Roscrea. It should only be temporary, and I'm only going to export the bits of the tileset we need. 
    Nif Exporter Version: 2.5.9 (I believe), and it's from here.
    I've probably forgotten something vitally important, and just glossed over it.
    - JB
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  5. JBathropson added a post in a topic Quick Questions, Quick Answers [troubleshooting]   

    I'm trying to export some .nif files, but I get this error when I try:
    Any help would be appreciated
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  6. JBathropson added a post in a topic Crane Shore   

    Excellent! Glad some progress has been made during my inactivity.
    Sorry for that, too, although this year I have my exams so I'm putting effort into that than free-time.
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  7. JBathropson added a post in a topic Crane Shore   

    Looking excellent, all!
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  8. JBathropson added a post in a topic Sunken City Dungeons   

    On the name: What are your ideas for the city? I'd love to know. I believe this site can be of some use (scroll down to Modern Nordic and you can find a list of already known phrases). 
    On tileset: I was thinking of retexturing the original Nordic set to a more cool and rememberable set, although my limited knowledge of modeling and texturing stops that from happening. It may not be the most effective method of a new tileset, although at the very least we can use it as a placeholder for now. Also, for the Nordic buildings, do you have any particular ideas making the buildings? Or would you use one of the already existing Dwelling (or something of the likes) exteriors? Again, this could also be something to model, although we are limited on modelers and texturers.
    I'm intrigued by this, as I'm also in desperate need of an Atmoran tileset for one of the dungeons during the main quest. And I'd love to see what we can come up with.
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  9. JBathropson added a post in a topic Required Dungeons   

    I think I'd like to work on some Nordic Ruins, as I believe that's my strong suit.
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  10. JBathropson added a post in a topic Required Dungeons   

    Hello there,
    I've done a bit of work on Cyrodiil making dungeons, and I was wondering whether there were any available to make.
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  11. JBathropson added a post in a topic General Signup Thread   

    I've been wanting to help this project for a while, although I believe I can be of most use to you now.
    I would love to do a bit of dungeon work in Cyrodiil. Some of my past work includes the "Further Expansion of Dungeons" mod on the Nexus (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/76855/?) and I would love to take this challenge on board.
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  12. JBathropson added a post in a topic Dungeon Creator looking to help   

    I believe I could do my best work in Cyrodiil, as I am more accustomed to dungeon making in that style, although I can probably do some work on Thras, as this is an area of the Elder Scrolls lore I am currently enjoying.
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  13. JBathropson added a topic in Recruitment   

    Dungeon Creator looking to help
    I'm currently looking to help in the Beyond Skyrim project by creating some unique dungeons for any of the provinces in the project. Currently I am working on projects outside of this, such as my own mods (Further Expansion of Dungeons: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/76855/?) and I think that I may be of some help to this project. I am always looking for help improving any dungeons, too. 
    Thanks for reading,
    - Bathropson
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