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  1. Join Roscrea Team

    Hello! My name is Dima, and I participate in many projects BS. My specialty is interior and exterior. Despite this, I have enough free time to help other projects. Here are examples of my work: https://imgur.com/a/xET5h https://imgur.com/a/gXLrU https://imgur.com/a/AF3Ex If you are interested - write to me in PM, I will answer anytime!
  2. Completely. In the history of the Birdfolk have the shaman, which went on to deal with the Sload, that they spared his life and allowed to learn the magic of necromancy. His name is G'haty, he was mortally wounded Norvaaldun and with the help of a special stone shower stole his soul for the Sload.
  3. Birdfolk - a tribe of semi-intelligent scavengers. They own more ancient magic that gave them dragon Norvaaldun protecting and training the tribe on Thras. The magic are owned by only the elite hunters called "Skyguard", as they were disciples of the shaman tribe Dimaak, one of the Birdfolk, who captured the dragon Shouts. But even the magic of this elite squad is not associated with necromancy, as the magic of the opposing tribe and bring them a lot of grief earlier
  4. Recruitment Thread - No Longer Used

    Hello! My name is Dima, I'm a level designer for Black Marsh, Thras and Expedition to Atmora. My main specialization is interiors. If you need help in this direction - I am ready to join the project! Examples of my work: https://imgur.com/a/AF3Ex https://imgur.com/gallery/2LmUM https://imgur.com/gallery/VGgpD Sincerely, Polzynn
  5. General Signup Thread

    Hi team Cyrodiil! My name is Dima, I worked on such provinces as Thras. Elsweyr, Black Marsh and Expedition to Atmora. My specialty is level design, the interior and the exterior, it does not matter. I have a lot of free time, and I want to try their hand in Cyrodiil. Sincerely, Dima.
  6. Hello! My name is Dima, I'm the level designer of such projects as: Thras, Elsweyr, Black Marsh and Expedition to Atmora. My work can be viewed in this album, I work on exterior and on the interior.
  7. Show us what you're working on!

    It's fucking cool, friend!
  8. [Dungeon] Sanguine's Demesne

    I was looking for the statue Sanguine, but the resources were only a statue Sheo
  9. [Dungeon] Sanguine's Demesne

    Sanguine's Demesne https://imgur.com/gallery/VGgpD
  10. [Dungeon] Broken Tusk

    Broken Tusk https://imgur.com/gallery/7bTvv
  11. [Dungeon] Gandranen

    Gandranen Ruin https://imgur.com/a/UEFt5
  12. Show us what you're working on!

    My friend, this is great!
  13. Show us what you're working on!

    My friend, it's are amazing!
  14. The Outline Of The Black Marshes

    Daedric sanctuary is one of the few that is reminiscent of Tamriel on Cantemiric Velothi