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  1. Show us what you're working on!

    Personally If it can be of any importance I must admit that whatever work you have done in modelling so far was always incredibly good and authentic.. I'm pretty sure you are a person of talent and if you plan to focus on writing, that will be a quality writing.. However, not many people have your set of skills, so even if it won't be your first job in the team, I hope we will still have the chance to see some other 3d work soon!
  2. Show us what you're working on!

    Is this your last model for Beyond Skyrim? WHAT do you mean?
  3. Roscrean armor sets

    You are going to be Armor Nash35 from now on. period.
  4. Show us what you're working on!

    Awesome job. As always. Please, show us something more from other provinces too *_*
  5. Abandoned fort

    Love to hear of any updates from you guys . The Fort looks gorgeous by the way.. Hopefully Roscrea Team will show us something from Frulthuul (not sure is the correct name) and some other cool locations
  6. Pre-releases

    2 years? I Believe you are pretty optimistic
  7. Main Questline

    I'm not a dev, but I'm pretty sure that their actual main quest-line is not related to stormcloaks.. Instead you could find something related to argonians but probably not about regaining the entire southern Morrowind.. Even because I think that actually there are just few spots under argonian control..
  8. Sutch Development

    I agree with the other guys perception of Sutch. If you consider that a city in Tes games are usually formed by 20\25 houses + castle + temple\church + walls, then Sutch is not enough. But I see your point. This is more going to be a citadel than a city, and so far it has the most fascinating position, it reminds me a little bit of Edoras, however, considering the maths I used before, I'd suggest you to make it as an half city.. You should think at 12\13 houses + castle and Church (if you want to put one), I'd leave the citadel as it is now, and add these other set of building at the foot of the mountain, sorrounded both by walls or more simply by a stockade. Brina Cross is going to be bigger than that otherwise... It's a Barony, not a village. Last thing.. I personally really like the actual entrances, I don't really see the need to create a new model for a gatehouse or a tower.. For sure would be more beautiful, but it isn't mandatory in my opinion.. It has already a great appearance.. Keep up the sexy work
  9. Show us what you're working on!

    Outstanding Gladius! My compliments man!
  10. My question was if the city is going to be included in this pre-release "Dreams of the East" or if it will come alongside with the main release :D.. That's why I'm excited about this info! I supposed BleakRock Isle was too small for a pre-release and I thought immediately you could include also sheogorad (with Dagon Fel if it still exists), but thinking about Telvanni Isles and Port Telvannis was totally on a different world! I'm a lover of the big cities and Port Telvannis should be at least be 1.5 - 2 times the size of any Skyrim City, or at least that what I would think However yep, send me any link you'd like to
  11. Great to know you are planning 2 pre releases :)! Can I ask you if you plan to include the city of Port Telvannis? That would be quite challenging!
  12. Show us what you're working on!

    Great! as everything you do man!
  13. [Claimed] Farrun

    Sad to hear that Noctis. However I hope the new guy will do a splendid job as was your :).. What exactly Farrun miss to become a place where quests born, grow and prosper?
  14. Landscaping Showcase

    the daedric bridge is a custom asset?
  15. Please... Realize other secret projects!