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  1. female, midage and versatile

    Thank you. I'm available for a long time. But I guess you will seldom see me on discord. I really don't like this software and I'm pretty busy with my projects, so contact me here via PM. Looking forward to work with you. Greetings, tasheni
  2. Edit: Xae was so nice and upgradet my upload limit Just uploading it here. Thank you so much, Xae! Finally it's done and I would really like to put the files here to DC, but the archives are now too big. I didn't know that I can only upload 500MB, my files are near sixhundret. That's very sad after all the hard work that I put into it. New version is on nexus: Tasheni Followers This time I focused on combat dialogue and teamplay. Also new is that Player can trigger sandbox everywhere and let scenes play everywhere, if he just unequips weapons and spells or sits somewhere outside. I reworked the looting. It can be triggered now through dialogue with Chiomara. All will start looting at clearable locations. To stop this, simply tell it Chiomara. I focused a lot on natural behaviour as much as possible. Skyrim offers only few animations that are useful to achieve that. After first using a lot of them, now packages have a maximum of two. More causes weird acting or will be simply ignored by the game. I added three little quests. I'm very proud of the behaviour of the wolfdog Skjora. She protects the Huntress and tracks down enemies. While hunting. It's fun to follow her and try to be faster with a bow the she is with her fangs You will get a lot of pelts in her company. Armors, saddles, horses, dogs and wolves, all are now unique. I retextured a lot of stuff and put saddle meshes together. I added enchanted rings, partially left hand. Tom has now a Hammerfell bow and arrows. I debugged a lot, but it's very difficult to do this alone. I hope to find some testers in the future. Now I'm really tired and need a downtime. The next update will focus on dialogue and advancing the main questlines, that until now only has the startup dialogue. I hope you enjoy the mod.
  3. 06/11/2017

    " Modding Skyrim has become a part of my daily routine, I have no intention of breaking from it. However there are times when I get stuck and I can't budge, a-kin to a writers-block. When that happens the best thing to do is to either work on something else or take a short break. I have every intention of finishing the project " Hi Galandil, I do feel the same - great thing Nice to see you make good progress and don't loose the fun. Your screenshots look awesome. I have only a short comment to the flat plank roofs. They are pretty unrealistic because the water from rain and snow would simply run inside through such a roof. Ancient roofs in northern europe were made of reed. It's a very old tradition that is practiced until today in northern Germany, on the isles and Scandinavia as well. These thatched roofs resist storms like we have many at the coast of the north sea. I think that would fit for your Dawnstar. Greetings from Germany, Tasheni
  4. The last twentyfour hours I recorded 200 lines of dialogue, cleaned it and put it in game. Sherda is now finished for this update. She talks a lot about history and has the most advanced combat dialogue of all. The quest idea for her became clear after some lore research and a hint to this is realised in the dialogue, but the quest itself needs more time to develop and to implement. I had many problems with her because she seems to be so normal. Friendly. Enlightened. But when I voiced her it was alright for me. Her background is now more clear. She has a very strong personality and good manners and the interaction with the other five shows her as a very competend and educated woman. I guess I like that. I'm proud of the two miniquests I implemented with Rikja the Huntress. She's only a side character but leads to Ramgar or/and player can go with her on a hunt. She's only there to introduce the wolfdog and lead the player to Ramgar, but the hunting quest was pure fun for me and I hope that others will enjoy that, too. The wolfdog is leading and hunting at the same time, it seems like Skjora really track down the prey and one need to be fast to get the most out of it. This is more the way what I want to do in Skyrim, other stuff than simply slash people I don't even know. Another little quest that affects the Stony Creek Farm was implemented but I messed something up, though I have no idea how this happens. I had to go back to a previous version and I need to find another way to implement it again. I'm very careful with quests - I start small because I'm not skilled enough to do it better. I have to learn a lot again to finish what I have started and I can't promise that this will ever be finished one day. But at first place it's a fully functional companion mod and quests are only a nice addition. I focused a lot on actor behaviour and I'm proud that now the player can let the followers sandbox when and where ever he/she likes and start a lot of banter scenes. This is pretty cool if you play mods in new worldspaces because normally dialogue and scenes run with certain keywords or current locations in Skyrim as a condition because the mod sees only Skyrim. But with this way scenes and actor behaviour can take place everywhere. They are pretty lively and that's fun for me. Now I need to finish only Eldrid for the update. Dialogue is partially written and nothing is recorded yet. But I can do this in the next days and then I will take my time to test three or four days before it goes online. Plus the time I need for all the new screenshots. Armor, horses, saddles, dogs, wolves - all has changed to unique ones and the old screenshots won't do anymore. After that I need definitely a break. Reallife needs my attention. I'm so greatful that I have the ability to work on this mod - this is creativity pure and I regret not a single day since I started.