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  1. Thank you very much, very good explained! Now I can correct my Winterhorse textures - I'm working already on the eyes and ears that were very bad done because I was a beginner And I can play with values now for the transparency. I combined different mane and tail meshes to get fuller hair and it's difficult to adjust the overlapping transparency right. I'm sure I will contact you - on nexus then - it will be not too long until I rush again in trouble with textures, thank you for the offer. I'm currently fighting with texture stretching, mostly on bags or belts of the farmclothes. Pretty annoying, all gets unsharp. Yes, it's sad that DC shuts down, but fully understandable. For me, Discord is no substitute, I don't like the software and it takes too much time to find content I'm looking for. I use mainly nexus now. Ciao.
  2. Thank you so much, this is very helpful, but some things I don't understand - because I have few experience. Yes, the sk.dds was the fie that came from swift steeds mod and I did not really understand what this does. I tried the nif with and without this file and there was no difference. I will focus on your values and find another tutorial about sk.dds files. I read a lot about textures and Nifskope settings, but it seems that I've missied something. What do you mean with save in dds1 RGB ? DXT1 without alpha? But I need an alpha channel because the mane and tail have transparency and this must be DXT5 - as far as I know. Thank you for your time. I'm always happy if someone teaches me. I always try to get better - learning, that's my main concern Greetings from Germany
  3. Hi Ambershore, yes, I resolved it and uploaded the mod at nexus: Tasheni's Frost I set in Nifskope the values of the Emissive Color and the Specular Color to black and the Specular Strength from 91.000 to 1.0. First it had no effect, but my PC was mocking me. After a few days it worked suddenly. I'm happy now and it's a really cool horse Thanks for your offer, that's very kind.
  4. This will be my last blog entry before the server shuts down. It's very sad to see an awesome site go and for me and my stuff there's no other comparable site available. So I decided to setup my new blog at my modpage at nexus: Tasheni Followers Forum I'm not happy with it, but after long time searching and even thinking about to create my own homepage this seems to be the only reasonable solution. I never was fond of Discord, the whole appearance comes across like a software for pubescent teenager, seriously, I don't want to be greeted with "wir sind so aufgeregt, Dich wiederzusehen!" (we are so excited to see you again) - everytime when I log in - that's so hilarious. But this is the future development and the result will be, that more and more forums will dry out and vanish from the internet. Even the german elderscrollsportal now will move their forum to Discord - I guess that has not happened yet, because there are many older gamer and not so much youngsters, but I'm very new there and so this is merely a guess. I myself use Discord very sparsely and only because some contacts are only there available, but every login is an overcoming. So if someone wants to contact me in future, nexus is the only remaining adress. A big thanks to you, Xae, for your great work over so many years and that I was allowed to store my stuff here. Thank you to all members, who gave advice and help in the forums. Thanks to all who take their time to read my blog. Goodbye, Dark Creations.
  5. Winter Horses

    It's cold in Skyrim and the horses should look like that. I retextured some. Not too bad for the beginning, I think.
  6. Since weeks I'm trying to do a white horse. Now it looks fine in nifskope, but in ck and in game the color turns to purple. It's not glossy, but not really white. I have a very dark alpha channel and I tried also without and saving in DXT 1. No difference. I deleted the normal map and in nifskope the setting of the specular map - no difference, but without normal map texture is glossy. I made the alpha channel of the normal completely black no difference. I tried every solution I could find in the internet, tried different settings with reducing saturation and lightness or reducing brightness - then I get a grey purple horse. https://www.nexusmod...m/images/716164 https://www.nexusmod...m/images/716163 What am I missing? Thank you for your suggestions.
  7. This was a long night without sleep. I urgently wanted to get the mod out, because it must come to an end. These Redguard clothings have a big fascination on me, because I learned so much about ethnic clothes around the world, I could do a hundret more pieces if I only had the time. Another thing I learned about is how to use transparency to get the illusion of a new design. This bears many options to design new things without altering a model. But I had really hard times to get this in game without ugly edges - I hope that looks right now. I guess it will look weird if another mod adds a piece of transparency that lays over mine. I tried a lot with Photoshop and at last I must admit that It's much more difficult to retexture armors and clothes than horses or saddles. Finding the right partitions made me headaches - the Redguard female boots have a bug that prevents them from showing the upper edge in game. After I found the reason for this issue it was easy to fix with Outfit Studio - thanks Caliente, you are my hero! I tried to scale the shawls with nifskope, but as they are animated items I ended up with a shawl that runs very weird behind his wearer. The headwear model from Witcher 2 was used for a male, but I found the clipping of the shawl through the breast very annoying. Scaling in nifskope worked, but then the turban gets too big on the head and the shawl is deeper and so clipping as well. I tried a lot of values, very carefully, but I'm not satisfied with the result. Well - if someone has no time to learn how to make models, he/she must wait until somebody comes and does it for him/her ); Now it's time to end retexturing ( alright, I WILL do a white horse for my horse mod, I did already but it was all too shiny. Now I know a lot more about alpha channels and normal maps and should get this to work). I need to go back to my followers mod. A lot of new dialogue must be written and the quest lines need to be developed... And I want to do a new dialogue recording and voice acting tutorial that goes deeper into it. After I recognized that both, my soundcard and my mixing pult had a defect, I changed the card and repaired the pult and - oh wonder! Simply no background noise anymore. I did the voice acting for Beyond Reach and Shumer three times before I found out were the fault was. All is trial and error - so let's get busy. Happy modding.
  8. Custom Hood doesn't replace hair?

    Solved. Hair is not replaced in ck view, in game it looks right.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    A playable modder's resource: A collection of new stylish Hammerfell Garb fitting for a living in Skyrim. Three winterclothes, three merchant clothes, two armours, three pair of boots and three pair of gauntlets and several pieces of headwear. You will find two chests in a camp east of Windhelm at the coast. You can type coc POISnowy20 into the console to get there. My attempt was to make traders that sell these things, but I have not enough time right now to learn how to set up a trader. Not all models fit for male and female. The shawls were made for females and I couldn't scale them to fit males, same is with the Turban Headwear from Witcher 2: The shawl will clip through clothes in the male version. I have no idea how these pieces look on Argonians or Khajits. I made two new Turban pieces, achieved through texture transparency, this was a problematic thing to get the edges right. I have no time to test much and so there may be bugs. If you use these assets in your mod, please credit CDProject Red for the Witcher 2 Headwear and RavenDier and singlebelong for the shawl and me. You may not use any of my work into a paid mod.
  10. I retextured the Redguard Hood and one from The Witcher that was converted to Skyrim. I assigned the partitions to 31 and 41 - hair and long hair in Nifskope and in ck for the Armor and Armor AddOn. But the hair is not replaced by the hoods, it clips through. For the original Vanilla Redguard Hood I noticed the same. As in game only men wear it with very short hair, it's not noticeable. What can I do to adjust this bug? Thanks for reply.
  11. I want to make armor and clothes of Tasheni Followers unique. Results are shown here.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This is a playable modder's resource. Ten Redguard saddles come in three different sizes: Vanillla, Arab and Gypsy. You will find some saddled horses near Riften stables. Saddles work perfect with Vanilla, Swift Steeds, Winterhorses. Thank you Fierymarigold and AlienSlof for your excellent resources.
  13. Tasheni Saddles

    For my mod Tasheni Followers I started to rework the saddles and couldn't stop with it. This is what was coming out.
  14. After I played the fantastic mod The Gray Cowl Of Nocturnal I went back to my saddle project and created a first Redguard themed saddle. I love everything that looks oriental and it was a pleasure to create the armor of Tomalik'r from the Redguard clothes. The saddle was twenty four hours of work and I have not done the normal map, yet. I'm curious how it will look in game. I hope that some day somebody will create a better saddle model than this imperial one. It drives me crazy to cover all the edges and seams it has. I'm not abe to create my own models. I tried that, but I can't waste a lifetime for Skyrim - so I stay with things I'm able to do. When the collection is ready it will be included in my saddles moddder's resource - and who knows, perhaps I will do a playable mod for horses and saddles.
  15. I feel sorry for your loss and hope you will get well again soon. I also feel sorry that you will quit modding, but it's completely understandable. Thank you so much for your outstanding work you have given to the comunity. Greetings from Tasheni