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  1. pencilcrap added a post in a topic Application: 2D artist/concept art   

    Thank you! Hammerfell sounds interesting. (not only because of them cuRRRved swoRRRds).
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    Application: 2D artist/concept art
    Hello! I'm yuutew but I'm also known in other places as pencilcrap. I'm pretty much way over the legal age(seriously I'm probably ancient by internet standards) and I'm applying for a position--2d/concept artist specifically-- in the Beyond Skyrim dev team. I don't really have a favorite province/area, so I can be a part of whichever area is in need of artworks. Though Summerset/any elven race interests me.
    Here is a link to my online blog/gallery.
    I specialize mostly on character design, but I can also design structures or a few clutters. I've also played around in the CK for a bit, but it's mostly for houses.
    Here's another link to some other TES related stuff I've made.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you guys~!
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