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  1. Student Thread - TiagoLPS

    Oh man... got to rework that seat then.
  2. Student Thread - TiagoLPS

    Ill take a picture once I can.
  3. Student Thread - TiagoLPS

    Just one thing about the seat, it's separate planks also all edges have been chamfered "I think"
  4. Student Thread - TiagoLPS

    I get it. So instead of doing every flat face by face, I should do whole blocks? what part would work, and what parts wouldn't in this chair?
  5. Student Thread - TiagoLPS

    Finished unwrapping the UVs :
  6. Student Thread - TiagoLPS

    One question though, while UV unwrapping the low poly, can I overlay, for example, the back part and the front part of the back of the chair, to save space, or should I keep it all separate? If I have to keep all separated, its going to be a little hard to fit everything in isn't? This is the lowpoly btw:
  7. Student Thread - TiagoLPS

    So in this case I can use the lowpoly from 3D max I made before sending it to zbrush
  8. Student Thread - TiagoLPS

    Ok so i used decimation master on the chair, and it reduced the polycount from ~600.000 to ~100.000 would that be enough?
  9. Student Thread - TiagoLPS

    I decided to make this nordic chair instead, based on one fom ESO. So the next step is to send it to 3D max?
  10. Student Thread - TiagoLPS

    Oh, that's much easier ZModeler can be kinda weird to use. Making the low poly in 3D Max:
  11. Student Thread - TiagoLPS

    Are there any good tutorials on making stuff like chairs, tables, etc? still having a hard time making more solid things like that My first attempt at a chair:
  12. Student Thread - TiagoLPS

    So how much is "overly complicated"?
  13. Student Thread - TiagoLPS

    Ok, so I made something more practical, although it's not done, I still need to practice sculpting rocky walls. I used Dynamesh and subtools to make the curve of a bridge. Just some playing around:
  14. Student Thread - TiagoLPS

    Alright so I did an Undead skull, and was going to add the horns to it but I guess I subtracted it xD also merged the eyes somehow...