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  1. Creatures of Thras Discussion

    Whoops accidentally the wrong page, Also, being based of Slugs, who are basically one long muscle, why not make the Sload deceptively strong? Imagine wading through some slimy dark dungeon, only to suddenly have a Sload just punch the wall breaking it And N'gasta has a pretty hunched appearance, that could mean the fat is deposited on the back not the front
  2. Generally, language and naming in TES is absolute garbage, especially with cities with a city smack dab in the middle of Black Marsh having a name in full English, and such examples in many places Also, the Bretons are a race, and is there any race IRL that completely speaks a single native language? Of course not
  3. Word wall

    Well, the technique of shouting was taught to people in Skyrim, now unless some went back and transferred the knowledge, i doubt the Atmorans would even know dragon shouts were possible for people to perform. However, dragons are mentioned to have gone extinct, however they were present in Atmora also, so i guess some would go back to Atmora to fight the dragons there, and that's how the ideas would spread
  4. Imperial City Development

    Seems a little newly constructed tbh. But that's the best way to destroy something: make it like it was constructed, then add damage, i mean the entire IC was blown to bits multiple times after Oblivion
  5. Biome Map

    What is the Tungmaipa have parts of land if it's supposed to represent a lake?
  6. Dragonborn

    Actually, make it so that Neloth making you a member of the clan makes it more difficult for you to actually become a part of the clan, because why not, exactly what the Telvanni would do
  7. Cartilage skeletons, like a shark. This would give them the ability to bend in rather unusual ways, and would definitely help with the short arms problem they have And since they're slug based, and slugs are pretty much just a big muscle, maybe they could be very strong too? That makes them rather look rather deceptive, they may be slow but they can certainly hit hard
  8. Is High Rock going to be Generic?

    And, on the weird planet in a weird world of weird things, being generic may be good, to put your mind at rest for a moment
  9. Primer: Sentinel

    Wew i realize that TES lore is flexible but post some sources OP for things that they exist
  10. Khajiit forms developement

    Hmm, maybe they all should have opposable thumbs? They're all sentient and mentally equal, so having real hands would help (this does not conflict with some being quadrupedal, there are many animals with thumbs)
  11. Project Logo

    alphabet you say? i don't think we agreed on one yet
  12. Concept Art of Thras

    Maybe Penitus Oculatus got some info about the Sload existing again so they want to go back and commit genocide against their favorite race?
  13. Show us what you're working on!

    Maybe you can make the eyes glow very much for extra angryness, like this
  14. Concept Art of Thras

    I think they can use edged weapons but they are only good at them in water and not on land
  15. West Weald Bears

    Yeah deer are annoying pest tier animals that eat agriculture maybe someone got the idea that bears may fix it (and prevent countless car crashes in the future lmao)