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  1. Show us what you're working on!

    some new stuff SEA DREUGHS I RELEASED A TOTAL NEW UPDATE FOR THE GRAVELORDS AND ALSO FOR HARVESTER ANCIENT NORDIC SENTINEL (a foundation stone atronach made by pieces of ancient nordic architecture) Centaurs (common, hunter, forsworn, leggionaire, commander and legate) FULLY FUNCTIONAL and a new update for my Dwarven Colossus ALSO FOR THE MINOTAURS BONE COLOSSUS (they are 4 variants, see the video, i only have SS of 2) FLESH ATRONACH (common shivering isles variants based on early art concepts ) and FLESH KEEPERS (gatekeeper variants based on early art concepts) made from Relmyna Verenim flesh magic SOME WITCHER BASED VAMPIRE BEASTS LURCHERS AND BRIARHEART TREES
  2. Show us what you're working on!

    thanks guys spider daedra and hive queen (chaurus-falmer chymera same style as daedra spider) is coming soon
  3. Show us what you're working on!

    thank you link to files http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/84681/?
  4. Show us what you're working on!

    thank you very much friend
  5. Show us what you're working on!

    thank you my friend and congrats for republic of maslea, its an amazing mod im working here now on daedra spider fully functional, esos mantikora also 2 arms 4 legs, hive queen (falmer x chaurus queen chymera), cliff strider, cliff racer and kagouti next release will be cliff racer i think, in 2 days
  6. Show us what you're working on!

    LAND DREUGH and LAND DREUGH BROODMOTHER- i will release them in a couple of hours hope you like it and as allways feel free to use the models, modify and improve them as you wish. Sea dreughs will be ready in a couple of days, i still need to texturize them and do the rigging.
  7. Show us what you're working on!

    this last week ive ported some creatures with permission from witcher, modified them, and make them fit inside tes lore, because they have some amazing models, i think the results are good As allways you can do whatever you want with this creatures BOLGANS Bolgans are an ancient race that once lived in all the province of Skyrim, coexisting with the snow elves and the dwemer in peace. When the nords and the giants arrived on Tamriel with thirst for conquest, the bolgan were decimated and almost extinct. The Dwemer, the only ones capable to stand before the nords, most in part because they lived in so different locations and have much different interests, offered to the bolgans help and protection, pretty much the same they've done to the snow elves, but in the bolgan's case with the intention to use them as living weapons in the battlefront, cus their great physical strenght.Once common in all the province, herding their boars, boars that they used in savage fights (one of their principal cultural traditions), now only few bolgans can be seen prowling some Dwarven ruins entrances, using some of the equipments given to them by the Dwemer ages ago, to make them stronger and still more fearsome in battle. Nord legends tell that an adult Bolgan can defeat with easy 2 or 3 Dwarven Centurions if they want to, suffering almost no damage, also from their dangerous steam attacks. In the ancient times bolgans were relatively broad-minded with the other races, but in the current times they become extremely violent and will kill everyone who crosses their paths.Despite this, some Bolgans, generaly the ones addicted for alcohol, have accepted to work as mercenaries and body guards to some bandit leaders or wizards, and also protecting the exits of Cidhna Mine. But in general Bolgans are seen by the other races as fierce, heartless and thug beasts, much worse than Giants.The origen of Bolgans race is unknown, but scholars trace a degree of relatedness between Bolgans and Minotaurs, since both have lots of physical features in common, also both have moderated intelligence, and scholars speculate that both has been much more socially developed in the ancient times, despite that now they are converted pretty much in savage giant beasts.5 variants of Bolgans are known: Bolgan Thug- its the weakest of the 5, and generally addicted to wine and mead. Because that, they are frequentely wired as mercenaries and guards for bandit camps, in change of a couple bottles of wine or a barrel of mead. They are the ruffiest ones of the 5 variants; Bolgan Butcher- thats the ones that hunt and prepare the food in the Bolgan camps. They are the more bloodthirsty of all them, and generaly they carry on their shoulders dead animals and buckets of visceras. Despite this, they are between the weakest variants in raw power; Bolgan Charger- the third strongest variant, they were used to charge against the enemy battlefront, defeating immediatelly dozens of soldiers. They're trained to attack with no fear, their big helmets cover their eyes totally, and they charge againts their enemies totally blinded, like an angry bull. One of their arms holds a giant mace covered of spikes, that deals immense damage; Bolgan Beastmaster- the second strongest Bolgan, this Bolgans are lazy, and do not carry weapons, using just their pure strenght, but what make them so dangerous are their trained Dwarven Armored Boars, allways 2, what makes the fight much more difficult. The body painted with blood means social status; Bolgan Tanker- trained to protect the dwemer soldiers on the battlefield, this Bolgans carry a huge dwarven tower shield, and have the biggest physicall endurance of all the variants. Despite having the function of tankers, they also charge into the enemies with their giant warhammers, while protecting their companions with their big shields. This variant also has the ritualistic blood bodypainting, what means that this variant has a high social status too. ********************************************************************************************************* OLD GODS OF THE HUNT "The Wild Hunt is a pack of shifting forest-demons and animal-gods, thousands strong, which sweeps through the countryside killing verything its path." — Eric of Guis "A flood of horrific beasts, tentacled toads, insects of armor and spine, gelatinous serpents, vaporous beings with the face of gods, all poured forth from the great hollow tree, blind with fury." — A Dance in Fire, chapter 4 "The Wild Hunt is a magical trait innate to all Bosmer. It is brought on by a collective ritual performed by many Bosmer, causing them to shapeshift into a horde of feral, supernatural beasts. These monsters stampede, changing their form constantly, slaying and devouring all in their path and eventually, when left with no surviving targets, turn upon themselves in a "cannibalistic orgy". This transformation is seen by the Bosmer as a return to the chaos of the Dawn Era, when they were unable to hold onto one shape for more than a moment. After they made the Green Pact with Y'ffre, he taught the Bosmer how to escape that chaos and retain their form, but also how to return to it by instigating the Wild Hunt. These shapeshifters are said to be able to take on a gaseous form which makes them impossible to contain without the aid of magic. There's even some suggestion they can take on the form of water. The purpose of the Wild Hunt varies with each separate Hunt, from an act of vengeance to a tool of war. In either case, the Bosmer are not proud of their ability and are unwilling to discuss the Hunt at great length. One of the rare accounts on the nature of the Wild Hunt states that "every monster in the world that has ever been comes from a previous Hunt". As such, the Bosmer are reluctant to use the Hunt, except as an act of desperation. The monsters that do get created by a Wild Hunt, all former Bosmer, are said to be ferocious and long-lived. Notable examples included Willy the Bitten and King Dead Wolf-Deer, who were created by the end of the fourth century of the First Era and lived at least until the beginning of the Third Era. They went on to plague Silvenar Grove and the Lympan March respectively. The change is said to be irreversible."- en.uesp.net The Old Gods of the Hunt are one of that powerfull monsters summoned by a previous and ancient Wild Hunt, and that still roams through Tamriel in very small numbers. Ferocious and stunning powerfull, this wild hunt beasts are related to Hircine, and consequently with the hunt, the nature, the wild predators (there is allways a pack of strong wolves or bears with them) and the Forsworn, who worshiped them since the beginning as one of their Old Gods. Nord hunters say that they are just legends and scary children stories, but the Bosmer who live in Skyrim knows what horrible power are hidden in the woods. Despite being both related to hircine, wendigos and wild hunt beasts are not the same thing. I will release soon a Wendigo mod, and also a Wild Hunt beasts mod. The Forsworn armor Armor of the Old Gods will receive soon a replacer, make it unique, crafted by the body of one Old God of the Hunt, and no more a regular enchanted Forsworn armor. I will release this 3 mods soon, jut wait some days.Old Gods of the Hunt are very rare daedras, but do respawn. To find them you need to search in nature covered groves, forest lakes, on the pine woods and in some hunting grounds *********************************** FOGLINGS Foglings are undead creatures, vampiric in nature, they belong to the Lesser Ones ranks that roam across Coldharbour, serving the Higher Ones and Molag Bal himself, on that daedric realm and outside it on Nirn. Not specially smart, they seem to lack the skills to deal with the powers of vampirism properly. Proves of that can be seen simply looking at their behavior. Despite being vampire, they can be seen outside at day, what burns their skin, but they remain outside and they simply self-mutilate themselves with their claws trying to stop the pain of their skin being hardly burned by the sunlight. Because that, Foglings have huge holes on their bellies and chests, their internal organs were simply ripped-off by themselves, and now only a few bones remain there. Another prove that they are not able to deal with vampirism pros and cons is that they seem to be unable to use the invisibility powers properly too. Cus some lack of magical hability, they have cast on themselves some kind of permanent half-invisibility spell that makes them live permanently on a semi-ethereal body state. So, they cant use properly the advantages of a well casted vampiric invisibility spell, but that permanent semi-ethereal physical condition makes them 50% resistent to all types of damage. Their adaptation was, despite all the disadvantages, very good, cus they use the permanent mist around them to create ambushes to their victims. Nords tells that to see glowing yellow lights on the swamps or on the woods is not a signal of fireflies, and you must run from there as fast as you can, because that are the eyes of the foglings, that already have seen you too.Used as minions by other types of vampires, you can see them roaming Coldharbour, Soul Cairn, and commonly in vampire lairs. Some was seen living close to some lone Hagravens on the Reach. Scholars does not know much about Foglings because its impossible to aproach them without risks and because its also impossible to deal with their masters, the vampires. But a big part of them believes that Foglings are just Goblins that have contracted Sanguinaris Vampiris or another form of Vampirism, and become undead, pretty much like the process when a human becomes a vampire. But because goblins are just simple-minded creatures, they do not become true masters of the vampirism, only self-mutilated insane beasts that exist permanentely in a heretical magical state. The poor life of this creatures and their absolute inexistent skills to deal with the powers and traits of vampirism, seem to justify that statement. But there is no proof of that, they are just theories. Grave Fogling Pine Forest Fogling Fall Forest Fogling Swamp Fogling ******************************* FULLY FUNCTIONAL LAND DREUGH im quite happy with the results with my land dreughs, i changed a little bit the model ive created weeks ago to resemble less the eso's one and more the oblivion's one, i think its looking far better now. the textures are not ready, i will change colors and skin type, but you can check the video and the image. I manage to make the 4 legs and 2 arms work together so soon i will release some daedra spider variants. of course the animation of the dreughs (and other 4 legs 2 arms creatures) are not perfect, but its looking good. i hope you like it at your orders Mihail
  8. Show us what you're working on!

    thank you very much. its all at full disposal for beyond skyrim team as allways
  9. Show us what you're working on!

    thanks friend, unfortunatelly i dont know how to create custom animations, i only know how to rigg the new creatures into pre-existent vanilla animations. All these creatures are already rigged (animated)- dreugh larva as seeker, land dreughs as spiders, sea dreughs as dragonpriests, lobsters and crabs as mudcrabs
  10. Show us what you're working on!

  11. Show us what you're working on!

    a pack of Dreughs
  12. Show us what you're working on!

    thanks guys
  13. Show us what you're working on!

    nordic foundation stone atronach aka ancient nordic sentinel capra demon strayed demon
  14. Show us what you're working on!

    we need it
  15. Show us what you're working on!

    some new creatures