1. Wellpapp

    Happy New Year!!

  2. Markus Liberty

    Happy New Year everyone!

  3. Crackerator

    Happy New Year!

  4. Locust

      I would like to help out with concept art in the very weird parts of Tameriel...IDK but i would love itBlack_Marsh_concept_art.thumb.jpg.502a19

  5. Mwatuangi

    Writing these characters is more fun than I expected.

  6. Hannes821 » Mangarian

    good man ;-)

  7. MrSerlino

    Really Excited to be on the Atmora Project. Can't wait to push this to the limit and see how much I can break it before it's stable. maxresdefault.jpg

  8. Jaz1

    Congrats to Beyond Skyrim team on the Bruma release. Super exited!

  9. Jaz1

    Hi, My name is James and I am 15 and looking to be a voice actor in this project, I will be uploading voice over demos soon

  10. a6166

    Well, quality is the word that make my three years efforts here gone like air :(

  11. Mwatuangi

    Reception for Bruma's announcement is exploding.

  12. Gaius Matius

    "Good luck. It's a brave thing you're doing."

    1. Argor nash35

      nice :)

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  13. Mattiewagg

    I feel terrible about not not letting everyone know however many months ago it happened, but I have retired from Beyond Skyrim and modding in general for the time being and probably the forseeable future. It's been amazing and from checking back on you guys, you're doing amazing as well, so good luck. Stepping down from any positions I no longer retain in the projects now.

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    2. Galandil

      I wish you all the best. Sad to see you go. :obgate:

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    3. Mattiewagg

      I got kind of burnt out and felt like I wanted to pursue different hobbies @Escha. I'm feeling fine now just don't think I necessarily want to return to modding.

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    4. Chiaro22

      Too bad! Maybe you'll feel an itch again when TES VI comes out? Either way, good luck in your endevaours.

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  14. MayuYou

    I'm new one and want to have some friends here...)

  15. Enstone

    If anyone could give me a hand with my masters, I've got a five minute survey I could do with help with! Thank you all <3


  16. Xae

    Linode is performing some maintenance.

  17. Tosky

    My weapon creation test (link here) hit the wall. Using nifskope 2.0: I aplly dds textures (diffuse, normal, specular) to my mesh.nif, but it turn out "invisible". What I miss? Give me a comment here to point me to the right direction.

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    2. Tosky

      I remaking the lowpoly and some parts of the highpoly to work better with vertex normals, that way tangent space artefacts should stay at minimun.

      Question: a single .nif can be made from different meshes?
      I wondering if its better (and possible) to make a weapon as a 'single' piece OR from 3 differents pieces (scabbards and other things aside). Tips anyone?

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    3. Escha

      If you want to have control over the shader properties on different material types, like blade versus leather, then it's useful to break things up into more than one object in the nif. 

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    4. Joseph Crowell

      Yep. Metals in Skyrim are done using cube maps. If your whole mesh is one solid piece then you would have to apply the same cube map to the whole thing. A bronze cube map on silver metal parts for example. It's better to break them up by material.

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  18. Minervose

    things that I missed: drawing cool stuff
    things that I did not miss: drawing hands

    1. Minervose

      who invented hands anyway? terrible idea.

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  19. Minervose

    Been a rough year, i've had little ability to contribute. here's hoping 2017 gets good enough for me to come back and make some stuff. 

    1. Minervose

      I get a little wistful for when I had the time and energy for art. Especially when I'm sobering off of new years and purging last night's revelries from my blood with today's coffee.

      like damn its been two years, and I want to come back

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  20. Minerman

    Was 2016 written by George R. R. Martin?

    1. Amadaun

      Josh Whedon, I think.  We're only losing the awesome people we love.  GRRM would have at least thrown in an ironic Charlie Sheen death.

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    2. Escha

      possibly Lovecraft

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