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  1. hi gang!!!  this is like visiting the graveyard of a dear friend...  how are you all doing?  anyone know how apollodown is doing?  have not heard anything in years.  mysticentity, glad to see you are still around. 

  2. Legit forgot my password and the email to this account for a while there, but I had one last crack at logging in and it finally worked. Hello again!

  3. What's going on with some topics, I clicked on them and said I'm not allowed

    1. BadezemCao90


      What do they mean as Old (Reference only)

  4. A very valuable member of Atmora. Thank you very much for a lot of hard work and good cooperation! 
    Your level design is very good. Keep up the good work!

  5. Joe hisaishi's works are definitely master pieces.


  6. You are the one from my dreams

  7. I'll release the karst set later. It may not suit all people's favor but I think I did great for it.

    1. Escha


      Do you plan to include LOD models? 

  8. Let me know if you need flora models and I'll try to make them if I have time

  9. You are a great enrichment and keep the team in the conversation!
    Thank you very much for your work with us!

    1. Mangarian


      Thank you, it has been a pleasure with all the team members!

  10. You are a great composer and the best I could ever wish to have as a music department lead for our project.
    Creative, hard-working and with the deepest understanding of the soul of what we want to achieve.
    And a super friendly person.
    Thank you for being with us!

    1. Yaranik


      Thanks very much Hannes, I've had great time during my time in the team. I'm glad to have been able to provide content for the project :)

  11. you are a great writing lead and a hard worker.
    I appreciate your ambition and your contributions.
    Thank you so much for being with us, Craftian!

  12. Hello World

    1. Argor nash35

      Argor nash35

      Matth! The World says Hello! :ninja:

  13. I gotta say, Galandil- I'm impressed with the modding you've done so far and I really think that with enough polish your project can seriously be the Beyond Skyrim level mod for the province of Skyrim! I think a suggestion would be, keeping in line with what you've already stated elsewhere, keeping things as lore friendly and immersive as possible. Considering that , I implore you, from the perspective of a man who has no modding experience but is a true mod playing veteran. Use the finest voice actors you can muster! You are well known in the community, you can certainly attract the best going. I would suggest finding the best nord impersonators you can- male and female. 

    1. Galandil


      One could hope! But in all honesty I doubt Holds will ever measure up to big team projects like BS, but I appreciate the kind sentiment ;) 

      The aim will always be to have the best voice actors we can get, and to assign them to characters their voice would be appropriate for. With that said we are very open for anyone to send an application and work with the project, the main thing we look for are good quality sounding mics.

      I am well known in the community? :P I worked with the Beyond Skyrim Cyrodiil team briefly but aside from that I don't really know that many people in the modding community who aren't in some way involved with this project. I do hope though that aspiring writers and voice actors will apply to the project.

    2. TheMobiusBandit


      Any experienced mod player knows the town/settlement overhauls. They might not know "galandil", but they know the work. I'd say there's a good percentage of people who would prefer your town overhaul to any others, myself included. And the Beyond Skyrim team is legendary, on that we agree- but the advantage you have is that the province already exists and your city portions mostly finished. That's a significant portion of the work already done. I have faith in you and the team to add some refreshing lore friendly quests and features.

      Personally, I always considered revamping the Morthal vampire quest, which to me falls flat as a pancake. You read Alva's journal and she speaks about being seduced in the swamps by an irresistible vampire. It hints at the vampire plan to eventually assimilate the whole town. When you finally go to confront the vampire a group of worried townsfolk come to help- when you finally reach the charming vampire, Morvath Piquine, he's a randomized NPC that turns hostile instantly. No "if you only understood the power. . ." speech. No bartering with you. No "we're not so different, you and I". Nope, he turns hostile, you kill him- 100 gold. It never happened. I'm not saying you should consider this to revamp. Just sharing why I think more quests could help. 

    3. Galandil


      Morthal's vampire quest is indeed very underwhelming, its borderline silly as its the townspeople charging off to battle to defend their homes, not the guards. 

      While I wasn't planning on overhauling it, we are planning on adding to guilds and the main quest, perhaps we ought to look into these simple quests as well. Morvarth as far as I'm aware is not a high vampire, he was a man who used to hunt vampires who got infected by one of the seclusive Cyrodiilic vampire cults. Perhaps the Morvarth you fight in the cave was a decoy and he infiltrates the town? Something to look into, would at least explain the race randomizer ;)


  14. Happy New Year everyone!

  15.   I would like to help out with concept art in the very weird parts of Tameriel...IDK but i would love itBlack_Marsh_concept_art.thumb.jpg.502a19

  16. Writing these characters is more fun than I expected.